Expeditie Robinson

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Expeditie Robinson
Created byCharlie Parsons
Theme music composerHans Zimmer
Country of originNetherlands
Original languageDutch
No. of seasons26
No. of episodes192
ProducerKanakna Productions
Production locationsMalaysia (2000–02, 2004–05, 2007–2010, 2012–13, 2022-23)
Indonesia (2003)
Philippines (2006, 2011, 2014–2020)
Panama (2006)
Croatia (2021)
Tanzania (2022)
Original release
NetworkRTL 5 (Netherlands)
VT4 (Belgium)
Release2000 (2000) –
present (present) (Netherlands)
2012 (2012) (Belgium)

Expeditie Robinson is a popular reality television program in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) that debuted in 2000 and based on a format first shown by Swedish television in 1997. The format, most notable under the title Survivor, has since then also been produced in many other countries. The name of the show alludes to Robinson Crusoe, a story featuring people marooned by shipwreck.

The fifteenth season in 2013 was the first season without contestants from Belgium, due to lack of television ratings in Belgium. However, the Flemish host Evi Hanssen would continue to co-host the show with Dutch host Dennis Weening. In 2014 Evi was replaced by Nicolette Kluijver.


In most seasons, sixteen contestants are put into a survival situation and compete in a variety of physical challenges. Early in each season, two teams compete, but later the teams are merged and the competitions become individual ("samensmelting"). At the end of each show, one contestant is eliminated by the other teams in a secret "Island Council" ballot.


List of Expeditie Robinson seasons
Year Location Days Castaways Original tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Final vote
2000 Malaysia 47 16 Two tribes of eight, divided into "North Team" and "South Team" Karin Lindenhovius Eva Willems 5–3
2001 39 Richard Mackowiak Pascale Mertens 7–0
2002 47 Derek Blok Olivier Glorieux 5–4
2003 Indonesia Two tribes; the first with seven men and one woman, and the second with seven women and one man Jutta Borms Judge Chambliss 4–4[a]
2004 Malaysia 39 18 Two tribes of eight, divided into participants' country of origin, België (Belgium) and Nederlands (Netherlands) Frank de Meulder Matthias Verscheure 10–2
2005 47 Two tribes of eight and a secret tribe of two, divided into age groups; under 30s, over 40s and 30s Marnix Allegaert Emma Van Den Bossche
Marleen Moer
2006 Expeditie Robinson: Battle of the Titans
30 17 Two tribes of eight[b] Ryan van Esch Jennifer Smit 4–2
2006 Pearl Islands, Panama 48 16 Two tribes of eight, including two returning participants, divided into men from Belgium and women from Netherlands Olga Urashova (changed the name later in Belarus for Alexandra Pavlova) Lenny Janssen [c]
2007 Malaysia 46 100[d] Two tribes of 27, divided into "North Team" and "South Team"[e] Vinncent Arrendell Willem Hogeveen 4–3
2008 47 16 Two tribes of eight Yin Oei Sian Hans Meenhorst 3–3[f]
2009 21 Two tribes of eight women and a secret tribe with five men who needed to race through the jungle (in a certain time) to join te game Marcel Vandezande Rita Berger
Marina Harvent
2010 28 17 Two tribes of eight celebrities and a celebrity coming from "Geheim Kamp" Regina Romeijn Tatiana Silva 4–2
2011 Philippines 32 16 Two tribes of eight celebrities Tanja Dexters Niko Van Driessche
Sascha Visser
2012 Malaysia Fatima Moreira de Melo Fajah Lourens
Christophe De Meulder
Peggy Vrijens
2013 Two tribes of seven celebrities and an isolated tribe of two celebrities containing of the oldest male and oldest female contestant Edith Bosch Anna-Alicia Sklias
Geraldine Kemper
2014 Caramoan, Philippines 18 Three tribes of six celebrities Kay Nambiar Ferry Doedens
Krystl Pullens
2015 17 One tribe of seventeen celebrities, with one player outed to another island with uneven number of players. The rest of the players divided themselves into two teams each episode. Amara Onwuka Anna Speller
Oscar Aerts
2016 16 Two tribes of eight celebrities divided into "North Team" and "South Team" and lived on the same island Bertie Steur Thomas Dekker
Diorno "Dio" Braaf
2017 19 Two tribes of seven celebrities and a tribe consisting of four Dutch players and a celebrity Carlos Platier Luna Kaj Gorgels
Soundos El Ahmadi
2018 21 Two tribes of seven celebrities and a tribe of seven Dutch players Jan Bronninkreef Gregory Sedoc
Dominique Hazeleger
2019 33 20 Two tribes of eight celebrities and an isolated tribe of four celebrities Hugo Kennis Shary-An Nivillac
Eva Cleven
2020 Expeditie Robinson: Belgium vs. Netherlands
Caramoan, Philippines
32 16 Two tribes divided by country of origin. Two contestants swapped tribes after losing initial challenge. Thomas Roobrouck Elroy Lemmens
Koen Loomans
2021 Dugi Otok, Croatia 34 26 Two tribes of eight new celebrities, two isolated new celebrities and one tribe of eight returning celebrities. Robbert Rodenburg Anouk Maas
Britte Lagcher
Dominique "Do" van Hulst
2022 Expeditie Robinson: All Stars
Zanzibar, Tanzania
19 16 Two tribes of seven former (semi)finalists, plus two former (semi)finalists who were eliminated before the tribe formation. Niels Gomperts Dominique Hazeleger
Ferry Doedens
2022 Langkawi, Malaysia 35 21 Three tribes of seven celebrities Dennis Wilt Ferry Weertman
London Loy
2023 20 Two tribes of ten. One contestant from each tribe eliminated by two tribemates at the end of the first day Willem Voogd Guido Spek
Ilse Paulis


  1. ^ Ultimately, it was Jutta Borms from Belgium who won the season over Judge Chambliss from the Netherlands with an initial jury vote of 4-4, which was eventually broken by a public jury vote in which the public voted in favor of making Jutta the winner with 66% of the vote.
  2. ^ As the winner of this challenge Ilona van der Laan, along with Veronique De Pryker, who Ilona picked as the person she got along with the least, picked their tribes from the fifteen other contestants. The last person not picked, Björn Lemeirel, was eliminated from the game.
  3. ^ When it came time to vote for a winner, the public, instead of a jury decided the winner. In the end, it was Olga Urashova who returned from Losers island in the final three, who won the season over Lenny Janssen with a public vote of 52% to Lenny's 48%.
  4. ^ The initial major twist this season was that for the first time in the history of any Survivor franchise worldwide one hundred contestants would take part in a single season.
  5. ^ The twist, however, didn't last very long as in episode 2 twenty five of the contestants voluntarily left the game, in episode 3 twenty one contestants were eliminated as they were not picked to be on either the North team or the South team.
  6. ^ At the live finale, 81 contestants from previous seasons had to choose their winner, due to the equal voting by the eliminated contestants.


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