Robinson Ekspeditionen

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Robinson Ekspeditionen
Created byCharlie Parsons
Theme music composerAndreas Nordqvist
Country of originDenmark
Original languageDanish
No. of seasons25
Original release
NetworkTV3 (1998-present)
ReleaseSeptember 11, 1998 (1998-09-11) –

Robinson Ekspeditionen is a popular Danish reality television program debuting in 1998. In the spring of 1998 TV3 purchased the broadcast rights to air their own version of Expedition Robinson. Following the success of the Swedish version, Denmark was the first country to adopt their own version of the show. The show has proven to be a ratings success since its premiere in 1998.

The name alludes to both Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, two stories featuring people marooned by shipwrecks.


The Robinson format was developed by Planet 24, a United Kingdom TV production company owned by Charlie Parsons and Bob Geldof. Their company Castaway Television Productions retained the rights to the concept when they sold Planet 24 in 1999. Mark Burnett later licensed the format to create the U.S. show Survivor in 2000.

Sixteen contestants are put into a survival situation and compete in a variety of physical challenges. Early in each season two teams compete but later on the teams are merged and the competitions become individual. At the end of each show one contestant is eliminated from the show by the others in a secret "island council" ballot.


List of Robinson Ekspeditionen seasons
No. Year Location Days Castaways Original tribes Winner Runner(s)-up Final vote Host
1 1998 Langkawi, Malaysia 47 16 Two tribes of eight Regina Pedersen Karine Winther [to be determined] Thomas Mygind [da]
2 1999 El Nido, Philippines 17 Two tribes of eight and a 'joker' Dan Marstrand Peer Stakroge 7–2
3 2000 Mensirip Island, Malaysia [to be determined] 16 Two tribes of eight Sonny Rønne Pedersen Pia Rosholm 8–5
4 2001 47 19 Two tribes of eight, and three 'jokers' in the merge Malene Hasselblad Lars Lang 10–5[1]
5 2002 46 21 Two tribes of twelve and eleven returning players Henrik Ørum Lone Hattesen 9–6
6 2003 22 Two tribes of nine and eight players, and two 'jokers' Frank Quistgard Rie Pedersen
Marinela Malisic
7 2004 Mersing District, Malaysia 20 Two tribes of nine[2] Mette Frandsen Tine Petterssen
Duddie Staack
3–3–2[3] Jakob Kjeldbjerg
8 2005 Besar Island, Malaysia 42 24 Two tribes of twelve Mogens Brandstrup Lykke Maigatter
Solveig Zabell
9 2005 Malaysia [to be determined] 15 VIP
Three tribes of five celebrities from Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Tilde Fröling Jan Simonsen
Asbjørn Riis
5–4–3 Mikkel Beha Erichsen [da]
10 2006 Pearl Islands, Panama 25 16 Two teams of eight Diego Tur Denise Dupont N/A Jakob Kjeldbjerg
11 2007 Mersing District, Malaysia 54 20 Two teams of ten returning and new players Rikke Gøransson Malene Hasselblad
Kenneth Ebert
12 2008 42 22 Two teams of ten Paradise Hotel contestants and fans of the show, and two 'jokers' Daniela Hansen Hilde Austad 4–4
13 2009 46 24 Two teams of twelve divided according to their IQ Villy Eenberg Maureen Cruz
Nicolai Karlson
14 2010 51 Two teams of twelve, divided into 'masters' and 'slaves' Søren Engelbret Hans Ole Ravnholt
15 2011 Caramoan, Philippines 43 Two teams of eight, including one returning player, and eight more 'jokers' throughout the season Hugo Kleister Marlene Thinggaard
Morten Kleister
16 2013 Mersing District, Malaysia 35 21 Two teams of nine, and two 'jokers' Jeppe Bruun Hansen Jan "Due" Due
Martin Christensen
17 2014 Caramoan, Philippines 39 Two teams of ten with pre-existing relationship, and two returning 'jokers' later in the season Stina Von Edelstein Henrik Lygteskov
Trine Bang
18 2015 24 Two teams of twelve with pre-existing relationship, including one returning player Kenneth Mikkelsen Camilla Holm
Nicole Bech Hansen
19 2016 44 27 Two teams of nine and one team of eight with pre-existing relationship, and one 'joker' Henrik Oltmann Andersen Nikolaj Lund Mortensen
Sofie Wulf Kampmann
20 2017 45 Two tribes of eleven divided by age and one tribe of five returning players Marlene Berardino Bjørn Scharling Larsen
Isabella Romani
21 2018 Three tribes divided into 'heroes', 'villains', and 'jokers' Jamil Faizi Puriya "Loco" Haidariano
Zanne Maibritt Øbakke
22 2019 44 22 Two tribes of eleven Nis Andreas Prio Sørensen Jaffer Naveed Janjooa
Kenneth Jørgensen
23 2021 Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic Katrine Ørskov Hedeman Martin Mortensen
Jesper Warburg Larsen
24 2022 Langkawi, Malaysia[4] 21 One tribe of ten and one tribe of eleven Mikkel Bertelsen David Martin Tegam Bækhøj
Naja Anna Stencel
25 2023 42 22 Two tribes of eleven. One contestant swapped after first tribal council Majbritt Fejfer Olsen Nicole Malanowicz
Pia Kjær
26 2024 TBD


  1. ^ The initial vote was 7-2, but with the male and female audience votes being taken into effect (each had three votes to cast) six more votes were split among the finalists.
  2. ^ This season began with a series of twist, the first being that two contestants would be eliminated through a challenge on day one. Pia "Bonnet" Trussel lost the challenge and chose Karabi Bergman to be eliminated with her.
  3. ^ Ultimately, it was Mette Frandsen who won the season over Tine Petterssen and Duddie Staack by a jury vote of 3-3-2 after having answered a question correctly to break the tie.
  4. ^ ""Robinson ekspeditionen" tilbage med kæmpe ændring". 15 June 2022.

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