Survivor Croatia

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Survivor Croatia
GenreReality competition
Based onExpedition Robinson
Presented byKristijan Potočki (season 1)
Andrija Milošević, Marijana Batinić, Antonija Blaće, Milan Kalinić (season 2)
Mario Mlinarić (season 3)
Country of originCroatia
Serbia (season 2)
Original languageCroatian
No. of seasons3
Production locationsee below
Production companies
Original release
NetworkHRT 2
Release12 May (2005-05-12) –
7 July 2005 (2005-07-07)
NetworkRTL Televizija
Release12 March (2012-03-12) –
2 June 2012 (2012-06-02)
NetworkNova TV
Release14 March 2022 (2022-03-14) –
Expedition Robinson
International versions of Survivor

Survivor Croatia is a Croatian reality game show based on the international Survivor format. Following the premise of other versions of the Survivor format, the show features a group of contestants, referred to as "castaways" as they are marooned in an isolated location. The castaways must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in various challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted off the island by their fellow castaways, or eliminated through challenges. The final castaway remaining is awarded the title of "Sole Survivor" and the grand prize (700,000HRK in season 1,[1] 50,000 in season 2).[2]

The series first aired on HRT 2 in 2005 with the title Survivor: Odisejev otok. It was cancelled the same year. In 2012, the fourth season of Survivor Srbija was broadcast on the Croatian channel RTL Televizija and serves as the second Croatian season of Survivor. The third season, a pan-regional season, premiered March 14, 2022 on Nova TV in Croatia.[3]


Seasons 1 and 2[edit]

The formats of the first two seasons differ from each other. The first season's format is similar to the early seasons of the American version, while the second season is similar to the original Robinson series.

The basic premise of both versions is that the players are split up into two tribes and marooned on an island for over a month where they have to provide food, water, fire and shelter for each other. Every few days, the tribes are to compete in a challenge either for a reward (usually food, drinks, comfort, or items that help with camp life), or for immunity. The tribe that wins immunity is safe from elimination and doesn't have to visit Tribal Council, a ceremony where a player is voted out of the tribe.

About halfway into the competition, the tribes are merged, and the challenges become individual. Usually only one person is eligible to win immunity or reward, although there is an occasional team challenge for reward. During this phase of the game, eliminated contestants join the jury. When it's time for the Final Tribal Council (which happens with as few as 2 or as many as 4 players), the contestants don't vote each other out. Instead, the jury listens to the players plead their case, ask questions, and based on the information they've received, cast their vote for the winner. The player with the most voted wins the game and a cash prize. In the first season, though there was a jury system, the public voted for a winner instead. The jurors were also given the right to abstain from voting.[4]

Several twists have been in play as well. At the start of season one, there was a challenge where a player from both tribes was automatically eliminated if they lost. This was most likely inspired by a similar twist from Survivor: Palau, a season that had recently finished airing when Odisejev otok started. In the second season, "The Island of the Banished" was in play. Inspired by Redemption Island from previous versions of the series, The Island of the Banished is a separate island where a contestant is sent after they're voted out. They have to provide shelter, food, fire and water for themselves while they wait for another player to get voted out. When there are two players, they participate in a duel where the loser is sent to the jury (unless they break the rules, in which case they are ejected permanently). The cycle repeats until the merge, where the winner officially rejoins the game and the island is no longer in play. On the last day, the final 6 players competed in a challenge where the two losers were sent to the jury, and the final 4 moved onto the Final Tribal Council.

Season 3[edit]

This season's format is based on the Turkish version.

20 castaways, 9 from Croatia, 8 from Serbia, 2 from Montenegro, and 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, are split up into two tribes based on nationality, with the Croats and Bosnian and one tribe and the Serbs and Montenegrins on the other. Challenges are held almost every day; 2 for Reward and 2 for Immunity. The tribe that wins Immunity does not have to nominate anyone for elimination. After one player from the losing tribe is nominated (or more should the vote end in a deadlock tie), another Immunity Challenge is held with the losing tribe having to nominate someone. Once two or more castaways are nominated, they are to participate in a Duel, with the loser going home. Should a player be pulled from the game for medical reasons, a replacement will join the game and be granted immunity from the first Tribal Council they attend. Additional castaways may also be added.

Survivor in Croatia[edit]

Influenced by the success of the Croatian version of Big Brother, HRT 2 launched a Croatian version of Survivor as well. The series featured 20 contestants.[5] A second season was never made, possibly due to low ratings.[4]

The fourth season of Survivor Srbija, the Serbian version of Survivor, serves as the second Croatian edition of Survivor. Alongside the usual host, Andrija Milošević, Croatian TV host Marijana Batinić hosted alongside him on-location. Croatian and Serbian hosts Antonija Blaće and Milan Kalinić also appeared on the show.[6] In a first for Survivor Srbija, the series also featured contestants from Croatia and aired on RTL Televizija, a Croatian TV channel.[7]

On October 14, 2021, United Group opened applications for a brand new pan-regional version of Survivor. It was filmed in the Dominican Republic. It consists of players from the ex-Yugoslav region. In Croatia, it aired on Nova TV.[3][8] The airdate (March 14, 2022) was revealed on March 10, 2022.[9]

Season list[edit]

Season Winner Runner-up 2nd Runner-up 3rd Runner-up Vote Contestants Days Tribes Location Year
1 Survivor: Odisejev Otok Vazmenko Pervan Vedrab Rubrik Šehić 68%-32% 20 45   Ammos
Mljet, Croatia 2005
2 Survivor: Costa Rica Vladimir "Vlada" Vuksanović Milan Gromilić Nikola Šoć Sebastian Fleiss 6-5-2-0 18 37   Matambo
Corcovado, Costa Rica 2012
Season Winner Runner-up Contestants Days Tribes Location Year
Stefan Nivistić
Nevena Blanuša
Milica Dabović
Goran Špaleta
Nataša Kondić
Antonia Ivić
Anja Andrejić
Denis Sviličić
64   Crveni

List of contestants[edit]

Name Age Hometown Occupation Season Finish
Ivan Krželj Unknown Split, Croatia Unknown Odisejev Otok 20th
Ana Marija Bojko Unknown 19th
Lidija Šunjerga 37 Unknown 18th
Mirjana Frantal Jadreško Unknown Pula, Croatia Unknown 17th
Iva Jerković 23 Zagreb, Croatia 16th
Šaneta Grbavac 34 Unknown 15th
Sasha Pintar 31 14th
Dvina Meler 28 Zagreb, Croatia Unknown 13th
Tea Đurek 31 12th
Mladen Glavić Unknown 11th
Vladimir Bambić 45 Zagreb, Croatia Unknown 10th
Mihajlo Popović 26 9th
Filip Filipović 25 8th
Ivica Jurinić Unknown 7th
Tanja Troskot 35 Zadar, Croatia Unknown 6th
Mladen Kezele 41 Unknown 5th
Silvija Zelko Unknown 4th
Kristina Sesar 25 Zagreb, Croatia Unknown 3rd
Vedran Rubrik Šehić 24 Unknown Runner-Up
Vazmenko Pervan Unknown Winner
Mia Begović 49 Zagreb, Croatia Actress VIP: Costa Rica 18th
Jelena Maćić 44 Belgrade, Serbia Make-up Artist 17th
Aleksandra Nakova 23 Gevgelija, Macedonia Model 16th
Radovan Stošić 28 Zagreb, Croatia Mister Croatia 15th
Stanija Dobrojević 27 Ruma, Serbia Starlet 14th
Žarko "Žare" Berber 43 Skopje, Macedonia TV Host 13th
Neven Ciganović 42 Zagreb, Croatia Stylist 12th
Marko Karadžić 36 Belgrade, Serbia Politician 11th
Ognjen Kajganić 36 Handball Player 10th
Maja Lena Lopatni 21 Zagreb, Croatia Student 9th
Aleksandra "Aleks" Grdić 33 Virovitica, Croatia Miss Croatia 8th
Ava Karabatić 24 Split, Croatia Starlet 7th
Martina Vrbos 28 Zagreb, Croatia Singer 6th
Kristina Bekvalac 27 Novi Sad, Serbia Fashion Designer 5th
Sebastijan Flajs 29 Samobor, Croatia Snowboarder 3rd Runner-Up
Nikola Šoć 26 Cetinje, Montenegro Model 2nd Runner-Up
Milan Gromilić 33 Belgrade, Serbia Ballet Dancer Runner-Up
Vladimir "Vlada" Vuksanović 24 Model Winner
Sanja Močibob 37 Umag, Croatia Marketing Student Dominican Republic 25th
Igor Lazić "Niggor" 51 Kotor, Montenegro Hip Hop Musician 24th
Ivana Banfić 52 Zagreb, Croatia Singer 23rd
Ivona Koković 31 Prokuplje, Serbia Life Coach 22nd
Kristian Rauch 27 Zagreb, Croatia Personal Trainer 21st
Hrvoje Habdija 30 Skipper 20th
Ramiz Gusinac 52 Novi Pazar, Serbia Hairdresser 19th
Viktor Bobić 35 Jablanovec, Croatia Gym Owner 18th
Jovana Tomić 24 Belgrade, Serbia Molecular Biologist 17th
Ivana Peček Zagreb, Croatia Fitness Centre Manager 16th

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