Survivor Greece

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Survivor Greece
Created byCharlie Parsons
Presented byGrigoris Arnaoutoglou (1–2)
Konstantinos Markoulakis (3)
Giannis Aivazis(4)
Sakis Tanimanidis (5–7)
Giorgos Lianos (6–)
Country of originGreece
Original languageGreek
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes441
Original release
NetworkMega TV
ReleaseSeptember 2003 (2003-09) –
June 2010 (2010-06)
NetworkSkai TV
Release13 February 2017 (2017-02-13) –
present (present)
Expedition Robinson
Survivor U.S.

Survivor Greece is the Greek version of the popular reality show Survivor.

This version of the show was aired on Mega TV for two seasons from 2003 to 2004. While the series was titled Survivor, it also took elements from Survivor's predecessor Expedition Robinson such as that of the North and South teams. While the series was not considered a flop, it did not achieve the ratings that Mega TV had hoped for and at the end of its second season it was cancelled only to be brought back two years later for a joint season with Turkey. After 7 years, on 13 February 2017, the show came back on Skai TV with Sakis Tanimanidis as host. From season 6 (2018) Giorgos Lianos joined the show as a co-host. At 2020 Tanimanidis left the show and Lianos became the main host.

Format and rules[edit]

For the Mega TV editions (seasons 1-4) Greek Survivor followed the format of American Survivor, with added twists such as Redemption Island (where voted out players could return). The show produced more episodes than the American version, usually splitting a week's episodes between the reward and the immunity challenges, but the main format remained close to the original CBS one.

In the event of a tie at Tribal Councils, contestants competed in a duel in order to determine who would be eliminated. Additionally, when a player was forced out of the game due to sickness, he/she couldn't be a member of jury. As seen in season two, if jury members did not wish to cast a vote for a winner they were not required to.

After Skai TV picked up the production rights in a collaboration with producer Acun Ilıcalı, the format of the game completely changed. Challenges pitted people in 1v1 (or sometimes 2v2 or 3v3) situations, with the winner gifting their team a point. Teams that reached 10 points first won the challenge (like a volleyball match).

Another major change was the introduction of fan voting. The tribe who lost Immunity Challenge had to select two or three players to be in the Elimination Vote. The fans, through calls and texts, then chose the Survivor who should leave the game. This change required the game to be broadcast with minimal delay (usually 2 days) in order for the fans to vote in time. Fans voting was the deciding factor in the Semi Final and Final too, with no jury in place.

The general success of the show, pushed the production team to extend the duration of the game, usually by introducing new players in later stages. This tactic pushed Season 6 to drag for 177 days, which many considered it made it stale.

Series overview[edit]

List of Greek Survivor seasons
Season Premiere date Finale date Network Location Episodes Days Castaways Initial tribes Winner Runner-up Grand Prize Host(s)
1 September 18, 2003 December 28, 2003 Mega TV Malaysia, Southeast Asia 29 42 17 Two tribes of eight Evangelia Dermetzoglou Nikos Lamprinakis €200,000 Grigoris Arnaoutoglou
2 September 26, 2004 December 28, 2004 42 20 Two tribes of ten Konstantinos Hristodoulakis Anna Mazour
Greece vs. Turkey September 23, 2006 December 28, 2006 Pearl Islands, Panama 27 53+ Derya Durmuşlar Amfikratis Zachariadis €250,000 Konstantinos Markoulakis
Patagonia February 15, 2010 June 2, 2010 Patagonia, South America 20 18 Two tribes of nine Vangelis Gerasimou Kleanthis Koktsidis €150,000 Giannis Aivazis
5 February 13, 2017 July 5, 2017 Skai TV Las Terrenas, Samaná, Dominican Republic 90 148 25 Two tribes of twelve Giorgos Aggelopoulos Marios Priamos-Ioannidis €100,000 Sakis Tanimanidis
6 January 21, 2018 July 13, 2018 117 177 32 Two tribes of twelve Ilias Gotsis Katerina Dalaka Sakis Tanimanidis
Giorgos Lianos
Greece vs. Turkey February 2, 2019 June 30, 2019 La Romana, Dominican Republic 119 149 33 Two tribes of twelve Katerina Dalaka
Yusuf Karakaya
Dimitra Vamvakousi
Seda Ocak
8 December 27, 2020 July 5, 2021 108 198 34 Two tribes of ten Sakis Katsoulis Ilias Bogdanos Giorgos Lianos
9 December 26, 2021 July 6, 2022 135 39 Two tribes of twelve Stathis Schizas Aris Soiledis
All-Star January 8, 2023 July 11, 2023 118 184 38 Two tribes of thirteen Sakis Katsoulis Nikos Bartzis
11 January 7, 2024 July 2024 TBD TBD 31 Two tribes of ten

Greek Survivor season[edit]

Season One[edit]

Survivor 1, was the first edition of the Greek version of the popular reality show Survivor and it aired from September 2003 to December 2003, every Thursday and Sunday night.

The winner of season one was Evangelia Dermetzoglou.

List of Survivor (Season 1) contestants
Contestant Original
Episode Cycle 2
Unification of the Islands Finish
Rena Dimitriou
40, Xanthi
South Team Expelled
Day 2
Sandra Boura
60, Nafplio
North Team 1st Voted Out
Day 4
Giannis Veronis
60, Mykonos
South Team 2nd Voted Out
Day 9
Theodoros Sfantos
46, Crete
South Team 3rd Voted Out
Day 13
Dimitris Katranis
33, Athens
North Team 4th Voted Out
Day 17
Tzeni Katsarou
24, Athens
South Team 5th Voted Out
Day 21
Konstantinos Sotiriou
32, Athens
North Team 6th Voted Out
Day 24
Efimia Fakatseli
29, Athens
North Team Unification of the Islands 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 28
Maria Solonaki
24, Thessaloniki
South Team 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 31
Katerina Darmi
24, Athens
South Team Left Competition
3rd Jury Member
Day 34
Andreas Nasioudis
25, Thessaloniki
South Team 9th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 34
Ilias Valasis
32, No permanent residence
North Team South Team 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Spyros Soulis
28, Athens
North Team 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Despina Siakou
40, Athens
South Team 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Orthoula Papadakou
33, Athens
North Team Lost Challenge
8th Jury Member
Nikos Lamprinakis
47, Crete
South Team North Team Runner-Up
Evangelia Dermetzoglou
31, Athens
North Team Sole Survivor

Season Two[edit]

Survivor 2, was the second edition of the Greek version of the popular reality show Survivor and it aired from September 2004 to December 2004, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night

The winner of season two was Konstantinos Hristodoulakis.

List of Survivor (Season 2) contestants
Contestant Original
Episode Cycle 3
Episode Cycle 5
Eleni Karadimou
32, Athens
Women Evacuated
Maria Velli
24, Athens
Women Left Competition
Vicky Sapouna
26, Alexandria[clarification needed]
Women 1st Voted Out
Lost Duel
Athanasia Markoudi
24, Thessaloniki
Women 2nd Voted Out
Lost Duel
Michalis Apazoglou
21, Athens
Men North Team 3rd Voted Out
Lost Duel
Mara Kopanou
34, Athens
Women South Team Left Competition
Vasilis Boutsoris
46, Athens
Men North Team 4th Voted Out
Lost Duel
Gerasimos Pylarinos
25, Corinth
Men South Team 5th Voted Out
Evacuated at Duel
Pavlos Papadakis
26, Chania
Men South Team 6th Voted Out
Lost Duel
Giannis Tsiolis
21, Athens
Men North Team Lost Challenge
Konstantina Golia
24, Athens
Women South Team 7th Voted Out
Lost Duel
Voted back in
4th Jury Member
Giorgos Papasotiriou
36, Athens
Men South Team Unification of the Islands 9th Voted Out
Lost Duel
1st Jury Member
Melina Patakiouta
26, Athens
Women North Team Evacuated
Katerina Vasilopoulou
24, Athens
Women South Team 10th Voted Out
Refused Duel
2nd Jury Member
Paola Voutos
25, Athens
Women North Team South Team 11th Voted Out
Refused Duel
3rd Jury Member
Nikos Soures
31, Chalcis
Men South Team North Team 8th Voted Out
Lost Duel
5th Jury Member
Manolis Bouzakis
46, Chania
Men South Team Won Final Duel
Lost Challenge
6th Jury Member
Giorgos Synetos
29, Athens
Men North Team Lost Challenge
7th Jury Member
Anna Mazour
32, Athens
Women North Team Runner-Up
Konstantinos Christodoulakis
42, Athens
Men North Team Sole Survivor

Season Three[edit]

Survivor 3 or Greece vs. Turkey was the third season of the Survivor to air in Greece and the second season to air in Turkey.

This season premiered on Saturday, September 23, 2006 and it aired from September 2006 to December of that same year, every Tuesday and Thursday night. This was the first time that either country's branch of the franchise competed with another country and because of this, the major twist this season was that the tribes were divided up by country of origin.

The winner of season three was Derya Durmuşlar.

List of Survivor: Greece vs. Turkey contestants
Contestant Tribe Finish
Vasilis Athanasopoulos
24, Anavyssos
Greece Left Competition
Day 2
Maria Nikoloutsou
21, Ioannina
Greece 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Fulya Gürkan
25, Istanbul
Turkey 2nd Voted Out
Day 7
Onur Alper Sarmusak
23, Istanbul
Turkey 3rd Voted Out
Day 10
Ioanna Nikolaou
26, Messolonghi
Greece 4th Voted Out
Day 16
Çiğdem Mısırlı
24, Malatya
Turkey 5th Voted Out
Day 21
Stella Kalenderoglou
36, Athens
Greece 6th Voted out
Day 23
Melita Gouait
30, Nea Makri
Greece 7th Voted Out
Day 25
Giannis Zisis
31, Chalcis
Greece 8th Voted Out
Day 30
Teymuralp Merter Fosforoğlu
36, Ankara
Turkey 9th Voted Out
Day 34
Arzu Gazioğlu
18, Istanbul
Turkey 10th Voted Out
Day 40
Metin Gülgez
35, Ankara
Turkey 11th Voted Out
Day 44
Nadia Zagli
22, Athens
Greece Team Duel
Day 45
İpek Esin
36, Istanbul
Turkey Team Duel
Day 45
Pantelis Papakonstantinou
39, Thessaloniki
Greece 12th Voted Out
Day 48
Selim Sabah
25, Istanbul
Turkey 13th Voted Out
Day 53
Aytuğ Yüksel
22, Ankara
Turkey Turkish Semi-final
Platonas Lemonopoulos
29, Katerini
Greece Greek Semi-final
Amfikratis Zachariadis
31, Thessaloniki
Greece Runner-Up
Derya Durmuşlar
45, Istanbul
Turkey Sole Survivor

Season Four[edit]

Survivor: Patagonia or Patagonia: The Edge of the World was the fourth season of the Survivor to air in Greece. This season premiered on Monday, February 15, 2010 and it aired from February 2010 to June of that same year, every Sunday night.

The winner of season four was Vangelis Gerasimou.

List of Survivor: Patagonia contestants
Contestant Tribe Finish
Giannis Karaouzas
29, Unemployed
Alepoudes 1st Elimination
Nikos Nikolaou
40, Businessman
Kondores 2nd Elimination
Natalia Andreadi
27, English teacher
Alepoudes 3rd Elimination
Tzeni Arfani
29, English Teacher
Alepoudes 4th Elimination
Ioanna Gerodimitriou
35, Τrainer
Alepoudes 5th Elimination
Sossana Manousaridou
30, Private Employee
Kondores 6th Elimination
Chara Katsaouni
32, Real estate agent
Alepoudes 7th Elimination
Nadia Asimakopoulou
26, Nurse
Kondores 8th Elimination (Walked)
Dionysia Bompoli
28, Physical Therapist
Kondores 9th Elimination (due to injury)
Nikol Rafa
33, Molecular Biologist
Kondores 10th Elimination (Walked)
Giorgos Gidakos
27, Electrical engineer
Alepoudes 11th Elimination
Vangelis Kavalaris
38, Businessman
Kondores 12th Elimination
Eirini Mavraki
26, Veterinarian
Kondores 13th Elimination
Giannis Laitsos
27, Teacher of Informatics
Kondores 14th Elimination
Nikolas Dagalakis
24, Τrainer
Kondores 15th Elimination
Kostas Manioudakis
36, Accountant
Alepoudes Runner-Up
Kleanthis Koktsidis
25, Student Undergraduate
Alepoudes Runner-Up
Vangelis Gerasimou
29, Cook
Alepoudes Winner

Season Five[edit]

Survivor 2017 was the fifth season of the Survivor to air in Greece from Skai TV and in Cyprus from Sigma TV. Premiered on February 13, 2017 and the final was on July 5, 2017 with the host Sakis Tanimanidis. It aired 4 nights a week, from Sunday to Wednesday (for some time it also aired on Thursdays)

Twelve players and twelve celebrities have been known in Greece through their work are invited to survive on a deserted island, the exotic Dominican Republic, for 5 months, having their luggage, the necessary clothes and basic food supply.

The winner of season five was Giorgos 'Danos' Angelopoulos.

List of Survivor Greece 2017 contestants
Contestants Original Team Second Team Finish
Dimitris Paschoulas
24, Naousa
Volunteers Walked
Episode 4
Marianna Kalergi
24, Athens
Celebrities 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Eirini Ainatzioglou
23, Athens
Volunteers 2nd Voted Out
Episode 8
Elisavet Dovliatidou
24, Thessaloniki
Volunteers 3rd Voted Out
Episode 12
Gouili Kalvourtzis
35, Thessaloniki
Volunteers 4th Voted Out
Episode 16
Eleni Darra
32, Patras
Volunteers 5th Voted Out
Episode 21
Sofi Paschali
41, Athens
Celebrities 6th Voted Out
Episode 26
Eirini Kolida
34, Athens
Volunteers Evacuated
Episode 31
Panos Argianidis
35, Athens
Volunteers 7th Voted Out
Episode 36
Stelios Chantampakis
31, Athens
Celebrities 8th Voted Out
Episode 39
Eirini Papadopoulou
31, Athens
Celebrities Walked
Episode 40
Lampros Choutos
37, Athens
Celebrities 9th Voted Out
Episode 42
Orestis Chang
27, Thessaloniki
Volunteers 10th Voted Out
Episode 50
Laura Narges
26, Athens
Celebrities 11th Voted Out
Episode 54
Elisavet Ainatzioglou
23, Athens
Volunteers 12th Voted Out
Episode 58
Kostas Kokkinakis
41, Athens
Celebrities 13th Voted Out
Episode 68
Charalampos Xenidis (Bo)
43, Athens
Celebrities 14th Voted Out
Episode 72
Giorgos Chraniotis
43, Athens
Celebrities 15th Voted Out
Episode 76
Sara Eskenazy
29, Athens
Volunteers 16th Voted Out
Episode 80
Evrydiki Valavani
29, Athens
Celebrities 17th Voted Out
Episode 82
Giannis Spaliaras
41, Athens
Celebrities Volunteers 18th Voted Out
Episode 85
Kostas Anagnostopoulos
32, Athens
Volunteers Quarter-Final
Episode 86
Konstantinos Vasalos
27, Athens
Volunteers Semi-Final
Episode 87
Marios Priamos Ioannidis
30, Cyprus
Volunteers Runner Up
Episode 90
Giorgos Angelopoulos
35, Skiathos
Volunteers Celebrities Sole Survivor
Episode 90

Season Six[edit]

Survivor 2018 was the sixth season to air in Greece from Skai TV and in Cyprus from Sigma TV. This series premiered on January 21, 2018 with Sakis Tanimanidis as the host. It aired 4 nights a week, from Sunday to Wednesday (for some time it also aired on Thursdays)

Twelve players; and twelve celebrities; have been known in Greece through their work are invited to survive on a deserted island, the exotic Dominican Republic, for 6 months, having their luggage, the necessary clothes and basic food supply. More players joined the game later.

Winner of season six was Ilias Gotsis.

List of Survivor Greece 2018 contestants
Contestant Original tribe Second tribe Merged tribe Final Symbols Finish
Alexandros Parthenis
43, Actor, Model
Diasimoi 0 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Angeliki Kokalitsa
26, Trikala, Kick Boxer
Machites 0 2nd Voted Out
Episode 8
Katerina Chalikia
39, Kaisariani, Basketball Player
Diasimoi 0 3rd Voted Out
Episode 12
Marina Pichou
25, Trikala, Gymnast
Machites 0 4th Voted Out
Episode 16
Nikos Thomas
43, Piraeus,Cinematographer
Machites 0 5th Voted Out
Episode 20
Zoi Andronikidou
20, Thessaloniki, Taekwondo Athlete
Machites 0 Walked
Episode 24
Eleni Chatzidou
37, Thessaloniki, Singer
Diasimoi 0 6th Voted Out
Episode 25
Maria Samarinou
22, Thessaloniki, Skier
Diasimoi 0 Walked
Episode 29
Xenia - Rec
28, Singer
Diasimoi 0 7th Voted Out
Episode 30
Giannis Drymonakos
33, European Swimming Champion
Diasimoi 0 8th Voted Out
Episode 35
Konstantina Spyropoulou
29, Rhodes, TV Presenter
Diasimoi 0 9th Voted Out
Episode 40
Evi Skaroni
27, Athens, Personal Trainer
Diasimoi 0 10th Voted Out
Episode 45
Thodoris Theodoropoulos
37, Athens, Model
Machites 0 Evacuated
Episode 47
Maria Pantazi
Melissia, Kickboxer World Champion
Machites 0 11th Voted Out
Episode 48
Olga Farmaki
32, Fashion blogger, Βusinessman
Diasimoi 0 Walked
Episode 52
Felisia Tsalapati
Athens, Journalist
Machites 0 12th Voted Out
Episode 56
Stelios Kritikos
44, Rhodes, Actor
Diasimoi 0 13th Voted Out
Episode 66
Sozon Palaistros Charos
39, Lemnos, Field hockey coach
Diasimoi 0 14th Voted Out
Episode 71
Konstantinos Tsepanis
32, Koukaki, Wrestling Champion, Plumber
Machites Diasimoi 0 15th Voted Out
Episode 76
Daria Turovnik
20, Cyprus, Model
Machites Machites 1 16th Voted Out
Episode 81
Nasos Papargyropoulos
32, Βusinessman, Actor
Diasimoi Machites 2 17th Voted Out
Episode 86
Michalis Mouroutsos
37, Athens, Olympic Taekwondo Champion
Diasimoi Diasimoi 0 18th Voted Out
Episode 91
Rodanthi Kaparou Kaparaki
19, Heraklion, P.E.Student
Machites Machites 0 19th Voted Out
Episode 96
Evi Saltaferidou
28, Thessaloniki, Gymnast
Diasimoi Machites 3 20th Voted Out
Episode 101
Giannis Tsilis
31, Ioannina, Rowing Athlete
Diasimoi Diasimoi Merged Tribe 3 21st Voted Out
Episode 106
Panos Theodorou
36, Volos, P.E. Teacher, Sports Programs Creator
Machites Machites 1 22nd Voted Out
Episode 109
Nikolas Agorou
26, Athens, Μeter Focus Center
Machites Machites 3 23rd Voted Out
Episode 111
Charis Giakoumatos
36, Chalandri, Βusinessman
Machites Diasimoi 1 24th Voted Out
Episode 113
Virginia Dikaioulia
22, Mytilene, Volleyball Player
Machites Diasimoi 2 Quarter-Final
Episode 115
Melina Metaxa
31, Larnaca, Zakynthos, Breakdancer
Machites Diasimoi 0 Semi-Final
Episode 116
Katerina Dalaka
25, Katerini, Athlete
Diasimoi Diasimoi 5 Runner-Up
Episode 117
Ilias Gotsis
28, Athens, Personal Trainer
Machites Machites 1 Sole Survivor
Episode 117

Season Seven[edit]

Survivor 7 or Greece vs. Turkey is the seventh season of Survivor airing in Greece and the thirteenth season airing in Turkey. It aired 5 nights a week, from Saturday to Wednesday (for some time it also aired on Thursdays)

The Greek winner was Katerina Dalaka.

The Turkish winner was Yusuf Karakaya.

List of Survivor Greece vs. Turkey 2019 contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe Final Symbols Finish
Dimitris Margaritis
45, Athens, Jailer
Greece 0 Evacuated
Episode 3
Dimitra (Demi) Tsaganou
27, Lamia, Referee
Greece 0 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Erdem Ekşioğlu
25, Istanbul
Turkey 0 Walked
Episode 7
Nadia Mavroudea
27, Athens, Personal Trainer
Greece 0 Walked
Episode 8
Kader Karakaya
22, Osmangazi, Football Player and Coach
Turkey 0 2nd Voted Out
Episode 9
Ioulieta Kitrinou
26, Chios, Model, Actor
Greece 0 3rd Voted Out
Episode 14
Azim Kaan Güvenilir
29, Istanbul, DJ/Artist
Turkey 0 4th Voted Out
Episode 19
Ecem Onaran
29, İzmir, Athlete
Turkey 1 5th Voted Out
Episode 24
Vasilis Simos
27, Athens, Fishmonger
Greece 0 6th Voted Out
Episode 29
Hakan Kanık
19, Istanbul, Chef
Turkey 3 7th Voted Out
Episode 34
Patrick Ogunsoto
35, Lagos, Former Football Player
Greece 0 8th Voted Out
Episode 39
Vasilis Vasilikos
28, Athens, Businessman
Greece 1 9th Voted Out
Episode 44
Melisa Emirbayer
23, İzmir, Swimmer
Turkey Black 2 10th Voted Out
Episode 50
Tony Stavratis
34, Salamina, Football player
Greece White 0 11th Voted Out
Episode 56
Elpida Meziridou
28, Cyprus, Personal Trainer
Greece Black 0 12th Voted Out
Episode 66
Sabriye Şengül
30, Şalpazarı, Kickboxing
Turkey White 1 13th Voted Out
Episode 72
Atakan Işıktutan
24, Istanbul, Journalist
Turkey Black 1 14th Voted Out
Episode 78
Ria Kolovou
30, Edessa, Gymnastics Academy
Greece White 3 15th Voted Out
Episode 84
Hikmet Tuğsuz
32, Antalya, Personal Trainer
Turkey White 2 Evacuated
Episode 88
Büşra Yalçın
21, Istanbul, Volleyball Player and Coach
Turkey White 5 16th Voted Out
Episode 96
Spyros Gourdoupis
28, Patras, Structural Biologist, Rapper
Greece Black 3 17th Voted Out
Episode 104
Kyriakos Pelekanos
39, Nicosia, Cyprus, Personal Trainer
Greece White 1 18th Voted Out
Episode 108
Sude Burcu
22, İzmir, Taekwondo
Turkey Black 3 19th Voted Out
Episode 110
Panagiotis Konstantinidis
24, Athens, Nutritionist, Training
Greece Black 2 20th Voted Out
Episode 113
Bora Edin
34, Istanbul, Personal Trainer
Turkey White 1 21st Voted Out
Episode 116
Emre Durak
22, Adana, University student
Turkey Black 4 Turkish
4th Place
Episode 118
Afroditi Skafida
36, Athens, Trainer
Greece White 2 Greek
4th Place
Episode 118
Okay Köksal
31, Artvin, Taekwondo
Turkey White 3 Turkish
3rd Place
Episode 118
Nikos Kosmas
26, Athens, Karate
Greece White 3 Greek
3rd Place
Episode 118
Dimitra Vamvakousi
24, Athens, Model, P.E. Student
Greece Black 3 Greek
Episode 118
Katerina Dalaka
26, Katerini, Athlete
Greece Black 2 Greek
Sole Survivor
Episode 118
Seda Ocak
34, Bursa, Athlete
Turkey White 6 Turkish
Episode 119
Yusuf Karakaya
24, Elazığ, Kickboxing
Turkey Black 4 Turkish
Sole Survivor
Episode 119

Season Eight[edit]

Survivor 8 was the eighth season of Survivor airing in Greece. It aired 4 nights a week, from Sunday to Wednesday. It was the first season that Giorgos Lianos was the main host.

List of Survivor Greece season 8 contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe New tribe Merged tribe Statistics Finish
Elena Liliopoulou
24, Kallithea, Baker
Machites 50% Walked
Episode 2
Mike Arnaoutis
41, Athens, Boxer
Diasimoi 38% 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Angeliki Lampri
45, Ioannina, Actress
Diasimoi 23% 2nd Voted Out
Episode 8
Katia Tarabanko
24, Mariupol, Model
Diasimoi 65% Evacuated
Episode 13
Elizabeth Elechi
37, Athens, TV Reporter
Diasimoi Red 52% 3rd Voted Out
Episode 16
Asimina Igglezou
41, Athens, Mountain Jogging Athlete
Machites Red 35% 4th Voted Out
Episode 20
Valeria Chopsonidou
32, Thessaloniki, Sportswear Designer
Blue 29% 5th Voted Out
Episode 24
Dimitris Makropoulos
30, Athens, Agronomist
Blue 29% 6th Voted Out
Episode 28
Elena Mariposa Kremlidou
24, Thessaloniki, Instagrammer
Machites Blue 60% Walked
Episode 30
Pericles Kondylatos
41, Athens, Jewelry Designer
Diasimoi Red 35% 7th Voted Out
Episode 32
Anthi Salagoudi
36, Thessaloniki, Journalist, Presenter
Diasimoi Red 17% 8th Voted Out
Episode 36
Sofia Margariti
41, Trikala, Car Mechanic
Machites Red 60% Evacuated
Episode 40
Chris Stamoulis
31, Thessaloniki, Lawyer
Machites Blue 48% 9th Voted Out
Episode 40
George Tavladakis
37, Crete, Public Relations
Blue 53% 10th Voted Out
Episode 44
Panos Kalidis
43, Drama, Singer
Diasimoi Blue 22% Walked
Episode 45
George Kopsidas
45, Athens, Actor
Diasimoi Red 57% 11th Voted Out
Episode 48
Anna Maria Velli
30, Athens, YouTuber, Actress
Diasimoi Blue 55% 12th Voted Out
Episode 52
Marianthi Kasdagli
29, Thessaloniki, Merchant Navy Lieutenant
Red 49% 13th Voted Out
Episode 56
Christina Kefala
28, Athens, Model
Blue Blue 39% 14th Voted Out
Episode 60
Eleftheria Eleftheriou
31, Paralimni, Singer
Diasimoi Blue Red 31% 15th Voted Out
Episode 64
Alexis Pappas
34, Actor
Diasimoi Blue Red 47% 16th Voted Out
Episode 68
Costas Papadopoulos
36, Russia, Pastry Chef
Machites Red Blue 47% 17th Voted Out
Episode 72
Pavlos Galakteros
23, Thessaloniki, Audio & Light Expert
Red Blue 46% 18th Voted Out
Episode 75
James Kafetzis
24, Rhodes, Boat Party Organizer
Machites Blue Blue 64% Walked
Episode 78
Nikos Bartzis
26, Corinth, Farmer
Machites Blue Blue 50% Evacuated
Episode 80
Nikoleta Mavridi
26, Athens, Dancer
Red Red Merged Tribe 42% 19th Voted Out
Episode 83
Triantaphillos Chatzinicolaou
43, Rhodes, Singer
Diasimoi Red Red 25% 20th Voted Out
Episode 91
Carolina Jacqueline Kalyva
31, Toronto, Pilates Instructor
Red Red 55% 21st Voted Out
Episode 95
Eleni Haberi
26, Volos, Personal Trainer
Red Blue 49% 22nd Voted Out
Episode 99
George Asimakopoulos
29, Patras, Fashion Designer
Machites Red Red 43% 23rd Voted Out
Episode 103
George "Koro" Koromi
33, Athens, Businessman
Machites Red Blue 47% Quarter-Final
Episode 107
Marialena Roumelioti
25, Athens, Personal Trainer
Machites Blue Blue 55% Semi-Final
Episode 107
Ilias Bogdanos
29, Athens, Singer
Red Red 58% Runner Up
Episode 108
Sakis Katsoulis
30, Euboea, Businessman
Blue Red 73% Sole Survivor
Episode 108

Season Nine[edit]

Survivor 9 was the ninth season of Survivor airing in Greece. It aired 4 nights a week, from Sunday to Wednesday.

List of Survivor Greece season 9 contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe New tribe1 New tribe2 Merged tribe Personal Statistics Finish
Elisavet Spanou
40, Athens, Singer
Diasimoi 60% 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Giannis Chatzigeorgiou
31, Athens, Actor, Singer
Diasimoi 0% Walked
Episode 8
Paraskevi Stamatopoulou
26, Athens, Strongman coach
Machites 62% 2nd Voted Out
Episode 13
Krystallia Koutsimani
27, Trikala, Stay-at-home mom
Machites 30% Evacuated
Episode 15
Stamatis Kalafatas
35, Rhodes, Umbrella salesman
Machites 48% Walked
Episode 15
Thanasis Bellos
54, Athens, Football coach
Machites 86% Walked
Episode 15
Chrisovalantis "Valantis" Avgenikos
46, Athens, Singer
Diasimoi 15% 3rd Voted Out
Episode 18
Thanasis Viskadourakis
53, Athens, Actor
Diasimoi 28% 4th Voted Out
Episode 23
Giorikas Pilidis
21, Athens, World wrestling champion
Diasimoi 76% Evacuated
Episode 24
Aspa Predari
23, Athens, Businesswoman
Machites 42% 5th Voted Out
Episode 28
Lambros Konstantaras
42, Athens, Journalist
Diasimoi 36% 6th Voted Out
Episode 33
Athina Evmorfiadi
32, Patras, World kick boxing champion
Diasimoi 43% Walked
Episode 33
Aggelos Poulis
38, Los Angeles, Hollywood stuntman, parkourist
Machites Machites 0% Evacuated
Episode 38
Pelagia "Bella" Kazolea
31, Athens, HR manager
Machites Machites 36% 7th Voted Out
Episode 38
Sakis Arseniou
34, Thessaloniki, Singer
Diasimoi Diasimoi 36% 8th Voted Out
Episode 43
Giannis Tsolakis
31, Alexandroupoli, Firefighter, radio producer
Machites Machites 49% 9th Voted Out
Episode 48
Savvas Kalfas
25, Athens, Psychologist
Machites Machites 40% 10th Voted Out
Episode 53
Katia Tarabanko
25, Mariupol, Model, Actress
Diasimoi Diasimoi 39% 11th Voted Out
Episode 58
Andreas Matthaiakakis
28, Athens, Professional poker player
Machites Machites Red 43% 12th Voted Out
Episode 63
Myriella Kourenti
34, Athens, Actress
Diasimoi Diasimoi Red 41% 13th Voted Out
Episode 68
Evridiki Papadopoulou
36, Haidari, Jewelry designer
Diasimoi Diasimoi Blue 44% 14th Voted Out
Episode 73
Nikos Antonopoulos
26, Pyrgos, Model
Red 33% 15th Voted Out
Episode 78
Georgia "Jo" Maridaki
19, Sitia, Veterinary student
Machites Machites Red 56% 16th Voted Out
Episode 82
Sofianna Avramaki
26, Thessaloniki, Physiotherapist
Machites Machites Blue 46% 17th Voted Out
Episode 90
Giorgos Katsaounis
27, Farsala, Farmer
Machites Machites Red 49% Expelled
Episode 92
Apostolos Rouvas
44, Athens, Chef
Diasimoi Diasimoi Red 44% 18th Voted Out
Episode 95
Nafsika Panagiotakopoulou
28, Peristeri, Actress, Model
Diasimoi Diasimoi Red 42% Evacuated
Episode 96
Takis Karagounias
48, Aigio, Mercenary
Diasimoi Diasimoi Blue Red 48% 19th Voted Out
Episode 100
Kostantinos Emmanouil
37, Athens, Make up artist
Blue Blue 22% 20th Voted Out
Episode 104
Stella Andreadou
30, Thessaloniki, Special physical education teacher
Blue Red 52% 21th Voted Out
Episode 110
Vrisiida Andriotou
25, Thessaloniki, Model
Diasimoi Diasimoi Blue Blue 43% 22nd Voted Out
Episode 115
Giorgos Talantsev
29, Athens, Hotel manager
Diasimoi Machites Blue Red Merged Tribe 52% 23rd Voted Out
Episode 120
Spyros Martikas
45, Piraeus, Pharmacist
Machites Machites Blue Red 32% 24th Voted Out
Episode 125
Nikos Giannis
39, Athens, Choreographer
Red Blue 57% 25th Voted Out
Episode 128
Stavroula Chrisaeidi
25, Athens, Track and field champion
Machites Machites Red Blue 56% 26th Voted Out
Episode 131
Mei Emmanouilidou
24, Kastoria, World rowing champion
Machites Machites Blue Red 50% Quarter-Final
Episode 133
Asimina Chatziandreou
22, Athens, Football player
Machites Machites Red Blue 49% Semi-Final
Episode 133
Aristidis "Aris" Soiledis
31, Athens, Football player
Diasimoi Diasimoi Blue Blue 76% Runner-up
Episode 134
Stathis Schizas
31, Athens, Businessman
Diasimoi Diasimoi Red Red 51% Sole Survivor
Episode 134

Season Ten[edit]

Survivor All Star was the tenth season of Survivor, airing in Greece. It aired 5 nights a week, from Sunday to Thursday. At the game participated 38 returning castaways from seasons 5 to 9. Sakis Katsoulis was the winner, making him the only person who have won the game twice.

List of Survivor: All-Star contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe Switched tribe 2 Switched tribe 3 Merged tribe Personal Statistics Finish
Vrisiida Andriotou
26, Thessaloniki, Model
Survivor (2022)
Machites 50% Walked
Episode 3
Periklis Kondylatos
43, Athens, Jewelry Designer
Survivor (2021)
Machites 0% 1st Voted Out
Episode 4
Evrydiki Valavani
35, Athens, Sports Journalist
Survivor (2017)
Diasimoi 31% 2nd Voted Out
Episode 8
Karolina Jacqueline Kalyva
33, Toronto, Pilates Instructor
Survivor (2021)
Machites 33% 3rd Voted Out
Episode 12
Asimina Chatziandreou
23, Athens, Heptathlon Athlete
Survivor (2022)
Diasimoi 55% Expelled
Episode 15
Katerina Dalaka
30, Katerini, Athlete
Survivor (2018), Winner Survivor (2019)
Diasimoi 62% Expelled
Episode 15
Kostas Anagnostopoulos
38, Athens, Ex-Mercenary
Survivor (2017)
Machites 29% 4th Voted Out
Episode 17
Sozon Palaistros-Charos
44, Lemnos, Field hockey coach
Survivor (2018)
Machites 23% 5th Voted Out
Episode 22
Chris Stamoulis
34, Thessaloniki, Lawyer, Writer
Survivor (2021)
Machites 26% 6th Voted Out
Episode 27
Kostas Papadopoulos
39, Russia, Pastry Chef
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi 45% 7th Voted Out
Episode 32
Christina Kefala
30, Athens, Influencer
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi 15% 8th Voted Out
Episode 37
Stathis Schizas
32, Athens, Entrepreneur
Winner Survivor (2022)
Diasimoi 71% Walked
Episode 38
Evrydiki Papadopoulou
38, Haidari, Jewelry designer
Survivor (2022)
Diasimoi 33% 9th Voted Out
Episode 42
Tzo Maridaki
20, Sitia, Veterinary student
Survivor (2022)
Machites 48% 10th Voted Out
Episode 47
Nikoleta Mavridi
28, Athens, Dancer
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi 31% 11th Voted Out
Episode 52
Giorikas Pilidis
23, Athens, Wrestling champion
Survivor (2022)
Machites Blue 65% Expelled
Episode 54
Ilias Gotsis
33, Athens, Personal Trainer
Winner Survivor (2018)
Machites Blue 62% Expelled
Episode 54
Eleni Haberi
28, Volos, Gymnast
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi Blue 50% 12th Voted Out
Episode 57
Eleftheria Eleftheriou
33, Paralimni, Singer
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi Blue 29% 13th Voted Out
Episode 62
Afroditi Skafida
40, Athens, Trainer
Survivor (2019)
Diasimoi Red Red 57% Expelled
Episode 65
Panagiotis Konstantinidis
29, Athens, Nutritionist
Survivor (2019)
Machites Red Red 35% 14th Voted Out
Episode 69
Evi Saltaferidou
32, Thessaloniki, Fitness Coach
Survivor (2018)
Machites Red Red 46% 15th Voted Out
Episode 74
Stelios Chantampakis
37, Volos, TV Host, Entrepreneur
Survivor (2017)
Diasimoi Red Red 50% Walked
Episode 78
Nikolas Agorou
31, Athens, Farmer
Survivor (2018)
Machites Blue Blue 44% 16th Voted Out
Episode 79
Ria Kolovou
34, Edessa, Entrepreneur
Survivor (2019)
Machites Blue Blue 41% 17th Voted Out
Episode 82
Giorgos Koromi
35, Athens, Entrepreneur
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi Red Red 48% 18th Voted Out
Episode 86
Spyros Martikas
46, Keratsini, Pharmacist
Survivor (2022)
Diasimoi Blue Blue 36% 19th Voted Out
Episode 89
Takis Karagounias
49, Aigio, Mercenary
Survivor (2022)
Machites Red Red 50% 20th Voted Out
Episode 94
Giorgos Asimakopoulos
31, Patras, Entrepreneur
Survivor (2021)
Machites Blue Blue 39% 21st Voted Out
Episode 98
Melina Metaxa
36, Larnaca, Dancer, Gymnast
Survivor (2018)
Machites Blue Red 37% 22nd Voted Out
Episode 102
Konstantinos Vasalos
33, Athens, Personal trainer
Survivor (2017)
Machites Red Red Red Merged Tribe 42% 23rd Voted Out
Episode 106
Ilias Bogdanos
31, Athens, Singer
Survivor (2021)
Machites Red Blue Blue 54% 24th Voted Out
Episode 108
Stavroula Chrysaeidi
26, Athens, Track and field champion
Survivor (2022)
Diasimoi Red Blue Red 61% 25th Voted Out
Episode 110
Stella Andreadou
31, Thessaloniki, Physical Teacher
Survivor (2022)
Machites Blue Blue Blue 57% 26th Voted Out
Episode 114
Marios Priamos Ioannidis
36, Cyprus, Diving instructor
Survivor (2017)
Diasimoi Blue Blue Blue 46% Quarter-final
Episode 117
Marialena Roumelioti
27, Athens, Personal Trainer
Survivor (2021)
Machites Red Red Red 51% Semi-final
Episode 117
Nikos Bartzis
28, Corinth, Farmer
Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi Blue Blue Blue 41% Runner up
Episode 118
Sakis Katsoulis
32, Euboea, Entrepreneur
Winner Survivor (2021)
Diasimoi Red Red Red 74% Sole Survivor
Episode 118

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